This game is for My First Game Jam Summer 2018 as a meditation on loneliness and solitude. It's rough draft so please forgive grammar issues.  Also, the ending is still pretty rough.

p.s.  If you ever feel like hurts yourself please seek help or speak to someone you trust.  Know you are worthy and deserve to be content with yourself and others.

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This was a very nice game. I appreciate the sensibilities you took when you wrote and I think it is a very good exploration of loneliness, like you said. As someone who struggles with the same problem as well, let me tell you, I relate.

Also, don't be too afraid of conent warnings. Holding snow in your hands is not a *graphic* depitiction of self-harm, if it's simbolic. I know what you really mean and it's clear what you really mean, and it's perfectly okay with me.

Thank you very much for your work.

A well written story and nice visuals. Great first game!!

The art is simple and beautiful. The story is deep and developp in a interesting way. Good job

This was really special. I enjoyed the script very much because of the sheer truth behind it. Although the elements of self harm are fairly present, I did not encounter them more than once I believe. What was cool about this experience was it really pushed the player to move forward and realize that was the "true" or "optimistic" ending. What made this so great was the sequence in between each different path. It ended the same but always seemed sequential seamlessly. The story itself I have no merit over, but was wonderful and awesome. I loved the writing style and the feelings put into the words, it really gave the game life in the first person perspective. I am really impressed with this game, I hope you have more developments planned for the future! Wonderfully inspiring.